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Let’s be honest.

Good writing is difficult to find. And while many people may have a great idea in mind, it takes skill and a great deal of practice to get that thought to translate into copy that motivates, inspires, and sells. That’s where Gail comes in.


She holds a master’s degree in journalism and has spent almost 30 years working in copywriting and marketing positions in corporate America. She also blogs, edits, and does freelance writing.

While some people write because they have to, Gail writes because she loves to. Her work has appeared in several book compilations including, The Black Woman’s Book of Travel and Adventure, Our Fathers Which Art In Heaven, and Women Inspiring Nations. She is also a regular contributor to the Impact The World magazine.

Contact Gail if you’d like to learn more about her writing experience and how she can help you reach your next level of success.


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