Feedback from the first all-day SPARKLE Conference event

I enjoyed the game we played.
Gail’s presentation was so refreshing and so encouraging...
The presenters were engaging and informative!
This event gave me some time for self-reflection
Wealth of information!
I’m so proud of Gail for stepping out to share her experiences.
I would recommend this event to anyone.
I enjoyed every aspect of the event. Gail, please continue these sessions!

Why these women think YOU should attend Gail’s next event...

You’ll love the fellowship...
You should come to feel encouraged, hopeful, and enlightened.
Come to gain knowledge from the other women at the event.
There is always something to learn...
It was simple, peaceful fellowship.
Come to be blessed
... for the sense of empowerment
We need time to be together and share; some special time to get away.
Come to connect with other women!
I had no idea what to expect but I was pleased with the outcome.  You will be, too.
Come to get rejuvenated!